Educational Innovations, Inc. - science is fun.

Edmund Scientific, for science and engineering enthusiasts.

firstSTREET offers the newest innovations for "Boomers and Beyond."

Carolina - their science gifts department is an interesting page to visit - find amazing critters, aquariums, astronomy, biology, chemistry kits, fun with games and other subjects.

American Science & Surplus - offers an eclectic range of products, many with a science or educational tilt to them, others simply handy or amusing.

Noise Busters Direct carries a large selection of ear plugs.

Wind & Weather- weather instruments as well as binoculars, watches, radios, and emergency-support tools.

Southwest Indian Foundation, your source for the very best in quality crafted Indian jewelry, pottery, kachina dolls, and other Native American related gifts such as books, music, shirts, and videos!

Japanese American National Museum - books, videos, clothing & accessories, jewelry and music.  There are toys, stickers and more for the kids.

ChinaSprout - offers Chinese educational and cultural products as well as community services to everyone with an interest in Chinese culture.

U.S. Sheepskin, Inc. offers merchandise made of sheepskin - seat covers, foot & hand wear, baby & childrens gear, toys, rugs and pillows, auto accessories and lots more.

Scottish Lion for Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh clothing, clan crests and more.

Alberene Royal Mail offers British goods shipped from New Hampshire - cashmere sweaters, tartans, tea, miniatures, lighthouses, Scottish jewellery, Clan tees and more.

Hemslöjd, Inc.,  Throughout Sweden you'll find small hemslöjd shops where crafts of wood, textile and other materials are made and sold. The personalized wooden Dala horse signs, candleholders and etched beverageware produced in the workshop are available.

Polart - Poland by Mail - Polish merchandise.

ABC Stores offers merchandise from Hawaii.

IslaOnline - merchandise from Puerto Rico - coffee, gifts, learn to dance the salsa, entertaining Latin style and more.

VermontLifeCatalog offers Vermont products and gifts.

PetaCatalog - supports the rights of all animals.

US Olympic Shop - pins, caps, scarves, balls, Tees and other merchandise.

The Windwood and Brasswind - musical instruments for band and orchestra.

Renstore offers medieval, Renaissance and fantasy costumes, dragons, fairies, armor, jewelry, books, swords, weapons, patterns, shoes, boots, gargoyles, t-shirts and more.

"Because it's bare without a ribbon!"  Artistic Ribbon, is your full service ribbon and trimming source.  This is a wholesale company.

OurDesigns for Fire & Rescue and more.

CelestialProducts - astronomy calendars, books, posters, software and gadgets.

Monastery Greetings for products from monasteries, religious communities and hermitages.

Terra Sancta Guild produces lapel pins, crosses, doorknockers, plaques, medals, and more, for Confirmation, First Communion, Ministers of Liturgy and Teachers.

Kerry Collection offers liquid candles, for use in churches.

Messianic Jewish Communications offers Jewish resources - books, VHS, DVD, bibles, apparel, jewelry, calendar, music, Judaica, gifts, children's resources and Spanish resources.

Pax Christi - books, prayer cards, apparel and Spanish resources.

Koinonia - for books, pecans and peanut products, and other socially conscious items, and much more.

UncommonGoods, "find anything but ordinary."

FrightCatalog offers costumes, makeup, prosthetics, masks, special effects and more.

Anderson's is the prom supplier of themes, glassware, candles, decorations, jewelry and more.

Shindigz.com is the "world's largest party supply superstore."

If skulls is your 'thing', here's the link!


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