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Kids Gardening offers easy shopping for quality plants, supplies, gifts, educational resources and more.

Kids Have Fun Learning to Grow Veggies With My First Garden Planter From HearthSong! Shop Now!

Stokes Tropicals offers wonderful exotic tropical plants as well as books, fertilizers and accurate information on their care and growth.

Woodlanders offers warm climate garden plants and continues to introduce new plants and selections from around the world. They offer A PDF catalog.

You can request the FunkyGardens catalog, however they do not have a mail order business, they are a brick and mortar store only.

GardenMedicinals offers for a limited time, their print catalog of cultural information for vegetables, flowers, herbs and a germination chart for herbs.

At DirectGardening you can choose to order any one of the nine gardening catalogs that they offer.

Thompson Morgan - sells seeds for flowers and vegetables, offers apple & pears video library, bird feeders, garden books and more.

Mountain Rose Herbs - organic seeds, containers and lots of products.

High Mowing Seeds offers good organic seeds for vegetables, herbs and flowers and cover crop, as well as books and supplies.

Kitazawa Seed offers the highest quality Asian plant seeds. Choose from over 250 seed varieties that produce dento yasai or traditional heirloom vegetables of Japan, to the Asian vegetables popularly found in farmers' markets.

Seeds from Italy are traditional Italian varieties - vegetable seeds, annual & perennial flower seeds.

Rocky Mountain Rare Plants for alpine and rock garden seeds.

Trees of Antiquity sells heirloom fruit trees.

Hidden Springs Nursery sells bareroot trees - olive, fig, ginko, kiwi and many others. Quality, disease-resistant plants are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or poisonous sprays.  They will custom graft your old apple tree or other tree.

Orion Industries Garden Marker offers garden markers, labels and tags.

GardenFonts - peel & stick labels for attaching to nameplates of metal plant markers, will not crack, tear, or degrade in sunlight. Your choice of plant names can be printed on the label. Brochure and sample are offered.

Nichols Garden Nursery - flower, herb, vegetable and wildflower seeds, books, garlic, bulbs, grass & lawn seeds, gourds and more.

Clyde Robin Seed Company for wildflower seeds and a whole lot more.

Pine Ridge Gardens offers native plants and select ornamentals.

Applewood Seed Company offers wildflower seeds.

Prairie Nursery - native plants and seeds of North American wildflowers and grasses. Offers PDF catalog.

WildseedFarms - offers wildflower seeds, native grasses, custom seed packets, wedding favors and more. Learn the botanical names of plants and how to plant wildflowers.

Niche Gardens specializes in nursery-propagated wildflowers, natives, perennials, ornamental grasses and some unusual trees and shrubs.

PlantDelights - a mail order nursery specializing in new and rare perennials from A - Z.

Kinsman Company offers unusual garden ideas.

Graceful Gardens' family nursery focuses on plants used in the traditional cottage garden, such as delphiniums, foxglove, bellflowers, lupines, monarda, lobelia, rudbeckia and shasta daisies.

Edmunds Roses - hybrid teas, grandifloras, floribundas, shrub, climbing, miniature and tree roses as well as gardening products.

DavidAustinRoses are an entirely new breed of roses which blend the beauty of the old roses with the disease resistance and repeat flowering of modern roses.

Nor'East Miniature Roses. - climbing minis, micro minis, collections and more.

Heirloom Roses specializes in old, new and unusual roses. Heirloom Roses brings you the widest selection from the world's rose hybridizers. offers fresh cut flowers, bulbs and a gift store.

John Scheepers, Inc. offers over 750 varieties of the best tulips, narcissi, lilies, amaryllis and rare and unusual Dutch bulbs as well as bulb food, tips and planting instructions.

SpringHillNurseries - container plants, ground covers, roses, perennials, shrubs, small fruit, trees and vines.

MichiganBulb offers more than bulbs! Purchase roses, perennials, trees, shrubs, vines, indoor plants, ground covers, hedges and more.

Dutch Gardens has been supplying Holland's finest bulbs and plants to beautify gardens throughout the U.S.  You can also purchase other perennials, shrubs and more.

Van Bourgondiens - begonias, daylilies, specialty bulbs & perennials, hostas, flowering trees, shrubs, flowering vines and more.

Touch of Nature offers flowerbulbs and perennials.

Van Dyck's, for top sized bulbs and perennials.

For over 100 years Henry Field's Seed & Nursery has been supplying us with flower seed, trees, fruit trees, houseplants, roses and more.

Jackson & Perkins is a full-service nursery offering all kinds of flowers, trees, shrubs, ground coverings, bulbs, decorative garden gifts, tools, garden accessories, plant care products and, of course roses.

Wayside Gardens for perennials, bulbs, shrubs and roses.

JohnnySeeds - vegetables, berries, flowers, flower bulbs, herbs, cover crops & farm seed, tools, equipment & supplies, organic products, heirloom, treated and pelleted seeds.

Victory Seed Co., - seeds for vegetables, flowers, herbs, tobacco and sweet potato, as well there are seeds for Wedding & Bridal Shower Favors. Supplies and hard goods can also be purchased.

Burgess Seed & Plant Company has seeds, bulbs, perennials and ornamentals.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers open-pollinated, heirloom, and traditional varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs, as well as garden accessories.

White Flower Farm, provides a wide range of ornamental and edible plants, plus tools, supplies, and gardening advice.

Bluestone Perennials offers a wide selection of perennials, plants, herbs, ornamental shrubs and bulbs.

Jerry Baker provides us with lots of gardening advice and information.  He offers a free magalog! offers vegetables, flowers, herbs and garden gear.

Nature Hills Nursery - bushes, shrubs, plants and trees, ferns, vines and perennials, bulbs and seeds.

ParkSeed offers mail order plants, seeds for annual flowers, vegetables and herbs, perennial flower seeds, garden grow lights, mail order trees, fruit plants, perennial vines and climbers, and more.

Henry Field's Seed & Nursery

Gardener's Supply Company offers everything from seed starting supplies and garden furniture to flower supports and greenhouses.

Harris Seeds offers vegetable and flower seeds as well as plants and growing supplies to gardeners and professional growers.

Bridgewood Gardens stocks a large variety of hostas.  Print out their catalog.

CloudMountainFarm, for a treasure of unique plants.

GardensAlive is dedicated to biological control of garden pests.  Offers vegetable & flower gardening, home orchards, backyard birding, organic pet care, tools and accessories.

Worms Way - earth-friendly gardening indoors and outdoors using organic fertilizers, pest control products, hydroponics systems, greenhouses, and more.

Japan Woodworker offers quality garden tools, from Japan.

Wind & Weather - garden décor and artful objects for the home - weathervanes, cupolas, armillary spheres, mailboxes, and sculpture for the yard and garden.

Gazebo Creations offers gazebos by size, style and material, as well there are packages and wrought iron gazebos.

Seibert & Rice offers fine handmade Italian terracotta planters and accessories from Impruneta.

B.C Greenhouses - offers top quality, guaranteed green house product at a competitive price.

Walpole Woodworkers offers garden structure, small buildings, planters, birdhouses and more for the outdoors.

EP Henry offers hardscaping products for your yard.

Isabel Bloom for handcrafted sculptures cast in concrete and hand-finished to resemble weathered bronze garden sculptures of the Victorian era.

Noble House and Garden offers granite sculpture -- lanterns, basins, fountains and other water features, art pieces, and accessories.

William Tricker, "America's oldest water garden specialist," for your aquatic plants and supplies.

HighCountryGardens may not be just for western gardeners!

Forestfarm offers "ornamental and useful plants from around the world."

One Green World for unique fruiting plants and unusual ornamentals from around the world.

Stark Bro's Nurseries for your fruit tree, small fruit, nut and landscaping needs.

Raintree Nursery offers fruit, nut and berry plants.

Bamboos - A website devoted to the beautiful Bamboo, offering an exceptional selection of plants for home, office, or garden. They will help you to select carefully-grown bamboos suited to your climate, your level of horticultural expertise — and your whim.

Brussels Bonsai offers a full range of bonsai trees starting with modestly priced bonsai for the beginner, on up to unique specimens styled by Bonsai Masters.  You can also purchase books, fertilizer and more.

Audubon Workshop, the wild bird specialists!

Duncraft, for the birds!  Feeders, foods, baths, installation solutions, seed storage ideas, and scores of tips, articles and links. You'll also find products for enhancing your backyard.

CountryHome products for your lawn, garden & more.

Smith and Hawken.  Shop for plants, furniture, gardening tools, containers and more.

These online websites offer pond supplies:

The Pond Guy offers supplies for ponds and lakes.

Visit ThatPetPlace for aquarium, pond and pet supplies.

PetSolutions is the place for pet and aquarium supplies as well as live fish.

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply for the dog, fish, cat, bird, reptile and other small creatures.


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